From the (77) Bus Stop Walks – Walk 6 Street

The home of Clark’s shoes and Millfield School.
Easy walking on tracks and lanes with pleasant views.
Distance 9.7 Km/6.1 miles
Total ascent/descent 65m

1 From the bus-stop (GR482366) at Crispin Hall, walk up Leigh Rd ascending slightly to cross-roads by large pink house. Continue ahead and after 100m 110yds) as road bears R, go L (SP Victoria Club) and then bear R alongside club building and past cricket pitch to reach road at the head of a cul-de-sac. Take path on L between wooden fences to another road and go straight ahead into Wilton Close and at the end follow the tarmac path to reach a concrete path and road.

2 (GR489359) Cross road with care and go R. Pass Chindit Avenue and 40m(45yds) beyond, go L through kissing gate and go along broad grassy track, keeping the buildings of Millfield School (1) on L. After 180m(200yds) cross small bridge and follow path through several gates to reach road. Go R for 30m(33yds) then L through metal gate (public footpath) and straight across field to metal gate, then ahead beneath power cable to hedge gap. Go ahead, for 100m(110yds) now with hedge on L to cross sleeper bridge and pedestrian gate. Continue with hedge on R for 320m(350yds) to gate, then go L and follow hedge for 50m(55yds). Go R at next gap and then with hedge on L to a road.

3 (GR494347) Go L 600m(⅓ mile) and just beyond entrance to Wootton House bear L. After 200m(220yds) go L at grass triangle along Back Lane and where it goes sharp R by cottage, go L along track. After 100m(110yds) bear R with wall on L. Go through gate and where hedge ends, bear 45oL to gate in L corner, then ahead with hedge on L to gate into wooded area. Cross bridge then ahead on track past Millfield sport pitches 450m(500yds) to road. Cross and go ahead along tarmac track. At junction by swimming pool, go R through Millfield campus for 500m(550yds) to road. Go R along path to junction with traffic lights.

4 (GR489364) Go R passing school buildings and after 500m(550yds) just beyond derestriction sign go L along track (no sign) to follow as it goes R by a large barn, then L at Eastmead cottage. At next R turn go ahead through gate and go very sharp L keeping hedge on L to another gate. Continue through two further gates and just before end of field, go L across stile then R with wooden fence on L. At green area, continue ahead to pass allotments on the L to reach a stile by metal gate. Cross to tarmac track and follow to reach a road and turn R.

5 (GR490368) Follow the road past Strode Pool and at T-junction turn R to pass Strode College (2) and church. At mini-roundabout continue ahead into The Boardwalk and at the end cross the large stone bridge and bear L along rhyne to reach kissing gate. Go L with rhyne on the L to pass through 2 kissing gates and steps to a road. Go L along tarmac path past large roundabout (SP Somerton) and go ahead into Glaston Road to reach mini-roundabout by the Street Inn. Bear R (SP Town Centre) passing Clarks (3) offices, Shoe Museum and Clarks Village. Turn L into Leigh Road to reach the bus-stop. For Yeovil and Somerton it’s on L, for Glastonbury and Wells it’s opposite.

Distance 4.2 Km/ 2.6 miles
Follow to the end of point 1. Turn L and follow to the traffic lights. Go R and immediately L along Bove Moor Road. At the end swing L into Strode Road. Continue from point 5.

1 Millfield is an independent school with around 1,200 pupils and noted for its sporting facilities. The list of alumni reads as a who’s who of British and world sports-people.

2 Strode College is a tertiary facility offering Sixth Form and Higher Education courses

3 Clarks, a Quaker family, started a business in sheepskin rugs, slippers and boots and shoes. C&J Clark still has headquarters in Street. In 1993 the factory buildings were converted into Clarks Village, the first purpose built factory outlet in the UK.

For car travellers, pay parking in Leigh Rd or Southside. Or park in Strode Road and start at point 5

Bars, cafes and restaurants in Street

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