Walks Around Somerton

Welcome to the Walks Around Somerton section of the Somerton Community Website

There are many walks in and around Somerton written and updated regularly by Martyn Smith.

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General Information


The County Council is the body responsible for keeping the legal record of Rights of Way up to date and to protect and assert your right to use the network.

Any faults or problems may be reported to the Council by telephone (0300 123 2224), through the County Council website www.somerset.gov.uk or to the Parish Paths Liaison Officer whose contact details are available from Somerton Town Council (01458 272236). Obstructions, dangerous animals, harassment and misleading signs on rights of way are illegal and should be reported to the County Council.


Keep rights of way clear of obstructions and overhanging vegetation

Maintain stiles and gates across footpaths and bridleways (with the assistance of maintenance authorities)

Restore the surface of any cross-field footpath or bridleway which has been ploughed within 14 days

Not to plough any footpath or bridleway which constitutes a headland, ie field edge

Not to allow any prohibited bull in a field through which a right of way passes

Not to allow barbed or electrified wire to cross through stiles, or run closely adjacent to rights of way

Not to erect misleading signs likely to deter use of rights of way


Enjoy the countryside and respect its life and work

Guard against all risk of fire

Leave all gates as found

Keep your dogs under close control

Keep to public rights of way across farmland

Use gates and stiles to cross fences, hedges and walls

Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone

Take your litter home

Help to keep all water clean

Protect wildlife, plants and trees

Take special care on country roads

Make no unnecessary noise