Footpaths and “Drains” in Somerton

A drain is a Somerset term for an alleyway.

From the Half Moon Car Park in West St, turn right. Fork right at the chip shop and at the roundabout by the pub, bear left and cross to the left hand side of the road. Approximately opposite the shop there is a pathway through to Ivyleaf Rd. Take this and take the right hand pathway through to Camden Orchard. Go to the bottom of this road and turn left into Camden Road. Turn down into the drain alongside 1, Camden Rd to emerge in Water Lane. Go diagonally right and then over a stone style down another drain by a telegraph pole. At the end, turn right into Gassons Lane, pass New Cross, and look for a footpath to Maypole Knap (between two walls). Take this path, turn left, then right, looking for the drain on the left. This leads to the Langport Rd. Cross the road and turn right towards the Town and seek out the drain between the houses on the left hand-side. This brings you into Behind Berry. Turn right, then left into Highfield Way. Take the first turning right and ahead you will see a footpath through to Etsome Terrace. Take this, bear left and at the end you will have a marvellous view over the Cary Valley. The wooded hill ahead is Dundon Beacon, and the monument in the distance is to Sir Samuel Hood, the famous seafarer. Turn right and right again into the other part of Etsome Terrace, looking for house No.28 and turning into the footpath beside it. This brings you into Walnut Drive, where you bear right then cross left between rows of houses into Laburnum Drive. You should now be opposite a Community Centre!

Turn right and go along to the end until you find the path into Behind Berry. Turn left until you reach the railway. Take the path on your right alongside the railway (through the gate). This brings you back through another kissing gate, to the Half Moon.


Updated May 2015

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