Ilchester to Somerton via Long Sutton

Catch a bus or beg a lift to IIchester. From the church at the Somerton end of IIchester walk on the right hand pavement towards the town centre. Immediately before a petrol station turn right down a track beside a wall. The ruins you pass on your left are the remains of the IIchesterjail. Climb over the stile, branch slightly left and follow the bank of the River Yea. After about a mile you will pass an old droving bridge (Pill Bridge).on your left. Continue down the right hand bank of the river for about another mile until the next footbridge. At this point turn 90 degrees right and aim for the stile in the centre of the field. Cross the stile and the footbridge into Driveway Drove and continue in a straight line for about half a mile until you reach a T junction. This stretch can be very muddy in winter! Turn left into Knole Hill Lane. If possible, follow this track, turning right at the junction behind the golf course up to the road. I say if possible because this track is flooded for about five or six months of the year. If this should prove to be the case, turn right about thirty yards into Knole Hill Lane, cross a stile and walk up the left hand side of the field to another stile. Bear slightly right and climb the hill, cross the stile at the top and descend (still bearing slightly right) to a footpath which exits between the houses at the northern base of the hill. When you reach the road turn left and continue for just over half a mile until you see a well defined track coming in from your left. This is the track from the golf club that is often flooded.(lt is virtually opposite the first house in Long Sutton). Whichever route you have taken, continue to follow the road around the right hand bend and then on to the Devonshire Arms. After refreshment, returnto Somerton by reversingthe route followed in the Long Sutton and Knole walk.

This footpath traverses Kings Moor and is very prone to flooding. Only attempt it in dry weather.



(If you have to take the diversion over Knole Hill it will add about one third of a mile).

Use ordnance survey map. Pathfinder 1259 or Explorer 129.

Updated May 2015

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