Lower Somerton Area

From the Half Moon Car Park go through the kissing gate by the railway bridge. Go alongside the railway line and follow to emerge opposite the cemetery. Turn right and pause at the roundabout to look at the view (step into the field on the left to get a good view of the viaduct)

Go right along North Street then left into New Street. Just before the fork in the road, cross over and climb the steps to the left of Hillhead Cottage and take the path into the Millands. Cross the grass and turn off beside house No 20. From the telegraph pole in the field head diagonally right towards the fence and go over the stile. From here, go down the slope, over the stile and across the Mill Stream into Lower Somerton. Go right, and at the road junction turn right again, looking to the wall on your left where you will see footholds and a footpath sign. Climb the wall and walk up the field to a gate in the corner. Go through this, and along the field edge passing a sign on the left to Mill Lane There is soon another gate and a track along the edge of the field, which brings you to a metalled road. Turn right, then, just before the railway bridge, go up some steps signed “West St ¼ mile” Taking this route along the field edge you will eventually come to a track, Station Path, which will lead you back into West St and the Half Moon.


Updated May 2015