Lynch Lane and Cary Valley

From the Market Square, follow the road along Broad Street and North Street to the roundabout. Go straight across and down the lane opposite you. Continue on, passing under the viaduct, then go along the fence along the bottom of the grassy slope to the corner, then left up the steps to Cedar Grove. Now you may either –
go right along Beech Grove and turn left into Pinewood Drive then left again into Pinewood to reach Behind Berry, or –

go left a short distance then right into a footpath between two bungalows which will bring you to Behind Berry beside the cemetery.

In either case, turn left to the roundabout then back to the Square.

If you’d like to explore the Cary River instead of climbing the steps, go down the slope below Cedar Grove and follow the footpath to the Viaduct Fisheries, passing between the ponds and taking the footbridge over the river. There is usually stock in the fields so make sure dogs are under control. Retrace your steps when ready.


Updated May 2015

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