Pitney Park and Bancombe Road

(With an optional extension to the Public House on the main road).

From the Sports Club (1) at the end of Gassons Lane turn left into Langport Road, crossing to the right hand side. A short distance along (2) turn down the bridle path on your right between the houses. Carry on until you reach a gate. Pass through the gate and alongside a hedge to another gate at the end (3). Cross the road and go straight ahead continuing until you reach a T junction (4). Turn left here for Westcombe. Keep on this tarmac road, which eventually becomes a track and then reverts to tarmac until you reach a crossroad (5). This is where you rejoin the walk on the way back. Cross straight over and continue to (6), the next crossroad, where you go straight on down the hill until you pass a house when the road becomes a green lane. Low Ham can be seen to the left. Keep on going through the edge of the wood and emerge by a farmhouse. This area is called Park. Go along the track and at (7) turn right at the T junction. Follow the track round (8) and climb the steep hill (which can be muddy). At the top, (9), there is a good view behind you over the moor to Walton Windmill and the Polden Hills. Join the tarmac road and you will soon reach (5). Turn left and retrace your steps for home. If preferred, come back along Bancombe Road by going straight on at (4) and turning right. Go down the footpath on the right after Bancombe House emerging at Langport Road opposite the Playing fields.

If you want a shorter walk, or an evening stroll to a public house, turn left at (5) on the outward journey, go down into Pitney and up the hill. At the main road, go ma few steps to the right to reach the Halfway House. You can walk back the same way or arrange to be met by car.


THE SHORT WALK IS ABOUT 2.5 MILES OR 4KM (Double the distance if walking back).

Updated May 2015