Short Walks from the Half Moon Car Park

“Somerton Strolls” were originally written in 2008, but were updated in June 2015 and now are available on the Somerton Community website.

In 2012, I published another set of walks entitled “Somerton Strolls Sequel”, copies of which are available (£2) from the Local Information Centre in the Library. These walks consist of 10 routes, each with four different length walks – roughly 5, 10, 15 and 20 kilometres.

I have been asked to publish separately the shorter walks and I am pleased to make these available on the website.

Although these have been updated in June 2015, do bear in mind that things change – stiles are sometimes replaced with gates, signposts become broken etc., so do use these as a guide rather than gospel.

Happy rambling!

Martyn Smith

Route 1 Distance 5.6 Km Total ascent 43m
Route 2 Distance 5.4Km Total ascent 47m
Route 3 Distance 6.3Km Total ascent 71m
Route 4 Distance 5.4 Km Total ascent 46 m
Route 5 Distance 5.9Km Total ascent 48m
Route 6 Distance 5.7Km Total ascent 45m
Route 7 Distance 4.4Km Total ascent 13m
Route 8 Distance 4.3Km Total ascent 14m
Route 9 Distance 6.1Km Total ascent 28m
Route 10
Distance 5.8Km Total ascent 34m


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