Visit Somerton on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

A ‘Visit Somerton’ page has been set up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in conjunction with The Somerton Business and Trade Association. This is to enhance the digital presence of Somerton online.
The opportunities for this is to help promote the businesses under the SBTA banner, but also to promote events and important dates, which will be used to help drive people into the town.
Having a central hub that is easy for people to get up to date information, will allow people from not only within Somerton, but outside of Somerton to see what is going on, especially if they are not following individual communities or businesses. There will be links from the website.

The plan is for regular posts on all aspects of Somerton. If any of the businesses would like to promote anything on these pages then if they can please contact me through the email address Whilst many businesses already have social media pages, this can very much be used to duplicate the messages, getting our message out to a wider audience.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information,

Claire Robertson


The details for all the pages:

Facebook: @VisitSomerton

Twitter: @Visit_Somerton

Instagram: visit_somerton