Cow Square

If we retrace our steps back up to the junction we reach Cow Square, so called because it is where the cows were paraded when being auctioned. At the front of the square is the Coronation Fountain which was erected in 1902 for the coronation of Edward VII.

                             Cow Square

Overlooking this square is quite a large building, and this is the Old Hall.

                           The Old Hall

The Old Hall can be dated back to 1278, when Edward I came to the town on his way to Glastonbury. This building was then set up as the County Hall and the Court of Assizes. This then made Somerton the head of the county.

To the left of the building stood the jail, here the judges dropped off prisoners. The current building is 18th century, although there are some earlier fragments.

Behind Cow Square is a splendid house, called Donisthorpe House, with high railings around the front. These railings were probably put in place to prevent the livestock that were being sold from destroying the garden.

                         Donisthorpe House

During the 18th century there was a lot of buildings constructed in Somerton. Many of them were very desirable, including Donisthorpe House. This building was built in 1770 for George Donisthorpe, a steward to Lord Ilchester.

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