United Reformed Church and The Brunel Shopping Precinct

Just past the Methodist Church is a rarity indeed. This building is a half-timbered house, which is unusual for this area. The timber framing is still there and it is visible from the front of the house. This house dates back a long way and is one of the oldest is the street.

On the left as you continue up West Street is the United Reformed Church (which closed in 2016) now combined with The West Street Church (Methodist Church), the plaque at the top says ‘Congregational Church 1803’. The church is of course much older than this; in fact they have a 1000-year lease of the site, which began back in 1736.

Opposite the United Reformed Church is one of the newer features in the town. The Brunel Shopping Precinct was built in 1985 and is home to around a dozen shops as well as several offices and a couple of flats. A free car park is also linked with this precinct which had more car parking places added in 2017.

The precinct is named after Isambaad Kingdom Brunel, who was a famous architect. This is a bit unusual because he never came to Somerton and he was not even responsible for the railway through Somerton, because that was built long after his death.

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