North Street

                                            North Street

If you turn around and walk down North Street, you will see a row of houses on the left hand side of the road at the junction of New Street. High on the wall of this building is a plaque that reads   ‘Scott Gould House – Restored 1981, this building is named after the lady who donated the money and the land on which the houses were built. Not a lot is known about Mrs. Scott Gould.

                                    Scott Gould House

What we do know is that she was a widow from Moredon, North Curry, who worked as a housekeeper in a large house in the area of Somerton. At some point in her life she was left a large amount of money, which she decided to spend on these homes, which were completed in 1866.

These are no normal houses; these are almshouses. They were founded for females (widows or single women) to live in. They received a quantity of coal and a monthly cash payment. They are one of two sets of almshouses in the town, but are the only ones built specifically for women.

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