The Globe and White Hart

On the left hand side of the road we are standing on, are two pubs – The Globe and The White Hart. Both these pubs seem to be quite old, due to the late 18th century fronts, but in fact they are much older than they appear from the outside.

The buildings are actually from medieval times, but they were redesigned and refronted over 200 years ago. Both of these pubs have survived from the period when Somerton was a coaching centre and inns such as these were plentiful.  Many of the buildings around the Market Place were medieval inns, that have been refronted. Most of them no longer serve as inns.

The White Hart (once known as The Bear) and The Globe (once known as The Angel), actually stand where it is thought Somerton Castle once stood. Although not a large fortress, Somerton Castle must have been a daunting sight. According to records it had a frontage of 270 feet.

The castle had existed since A.D. 732, but was converted and used as the County Gaol until A.D. 1366 when Ilchester Prison was established. Sometime after this the building was split into two tenements, which now make up the two pubs.

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