War Memorial & Milk Factory

Looking across the  Market Place from the Market Cross, you can see the War Memorial. This was built to commemorate the many citizens of Somerton who died in the two World Wars.

               War Memorial

It may come as a surprise to hear that a small town, the size of Somerton was bombed during the 2nd World War. On the morning of the 29th of September 1942, at approximately 8.20am, one of the largest industries in the town was bombed.

The Milk Factory was built in 1927 and catered for milk producers all around the parish. Most of the milk was processed and dispatched to milk centres, while the rest was made into powdered form.

But in 1942, a lone bomber flew over at roof top height and completely destroyed the factory, killing 11 employees and injuring many others. At the time there were about 40 workers and so the survivors were very lucky to live through the attack.
The tall chimney of the factory actually remained standing for many years after the bombing, but was finally demolished in 1963 to make space for part of the new Infants’ School, a fire station, and a park in memory of the 11 workers who were killed.

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