From the (54) Bus Stop Walk Series 1 – Walk 10 Ilchester (Limington Turn)

Small villages, the river Yeo and RNAS Yeovilton
An easy going level walk, but complex instructions and many stiles
Distance 11.8 Km/ 7.3 miles
Total ascent/descent 34m

1. From the bus-stop walk N towards the village and at junction (GR 522225) go R along Limington Road. Follow for 1.9Km (1¼miles) to Limington and 100m (110yds) after a sharp R bend go L though churchyard and at the fork take the narrower R path.  Leave churchyard and after 30m (33yds) go through stile on the L (SP Monarch’s Way(1)). Go slightly R across field to reach a stile and road.

2. (GR543222) Go R and then L on to a path (SP Ashington). Follow horse fence to the far side of the field to reach a double stile and cross the next field in the same direction. At the next double stile continue ahead with hedge on R to a further double stile and sleeper bridge. Bear 45o R to a stile in hedge on R, then 45o L to far corner to a stile to a crossing track. Go ahead over a sleeper bridge and bear slightly R to a large hedge gap. Go ahead with hedge on R to another large gap then slightly R to another double stile. Bear slightly R to Bristol gate and road.

3. (GR557215) Turn L for 100m (110yds) and on R bend take path on L (SP Ashington) crossing stile and continue through kissing gate to a metal gate to re-emerge on the same road. Continue along road through village and just beyond a long R bend, take bridleway on L. Follow overhead power line for 400m (¼mile) keeping hedge on L to cross bridge over R Yeo (2). Do not go straight ahead to the metal gate in far boundary, but bear slightly L to reach stile by the L power cable. Cross concrete sleeper bridge and continue 180m along path to reach a road. Go R and after 20m(22yds) L along path (SP Chilton Cantelo) for 330m(360yds) to cross tarmac drive to school (3) and after 220m(220yds) reach church (4) and road in Chilton Cantelo. Turn R for 100m to crossroads, then L 250m(275yds) to bridge over stream.

4. (GR571224) Take path on L (SP Yeovilton). Follow track for 50m (55yds) then bear slightly R with hedge on L to gate on L at end of the field. Follow path as it bears R and follow broad track with copse on L to go through a metal gate. Go ahead, now with fence on R, to reach another gate by the R Yeo. Continue ahead, following the track close to the river for 800m (½mile) and at end bear R to reach a bridge over a stream and then a second bridge to reach the perimeter fence of RNAS Yeovilton (5).

5. (GR555227) Turn L to follow the fence and after 450m(500yds) at end of field, go through waymarked gate. Ignore gate on L, but follow fence on L past runway lights and several gates to reach a road. Turn L and cross R Yeo.

6. (GR544227) Take path on R (SP Limington) aiming to a waymarked gate in L corner. Go through gate and with stream on L follow to cross stone bridge. After 150m(165yds) go through waymarked gate on L and after 50m (55yds) cross stile on R and with hedge on R for 300m(330yds) cross stile and sleeper bridge. Continue with hedge on L and when hedge goes sharp L, bear L across field to a waymarked stile. Cross track and sleeper bridge and go ahead with hedge on R to a stile in the middle of the far hedge. At next stile, follow the field boundary with the hedge on the R to reach a wooden gate. Turn L to reach a road and continue ahead past a row of cottages to a T-junction. Turn R to reach the main road, then L to reach the bus-stop.

Distance 5.0 Km/ 3.2 miles
Follow to point 2 but then turn L for 400m (¼ mile) to reach point 6 just before the bridge over the R Yeo.

  1. The Monarch’s Way is a path of 1000km(625m) following the route taken by King Charles II after defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651
  2. River Yeo is a 24Km (15 mile) long tributary of the R Parrett.
  3. Chilton Cantelo House was built in the 18th Century and later became the home of an independent day and boarding school for 8-16 year olds.
  4. The Norman church of St James has a 15th-century tower and parts of the church date from even earlier. It was restored in the 1860s.
  5. RNAS Yeovilton is a large multi-role air station and is currently home to Navy and Army helicopters. It is manned by around 4000 personnel, both service and civilian.  

For car travellers, there is a free car park just in Limington Road.

Refreshments: Pubs/café/restaurant in Ilchester

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