From the (54) Bus Stop Walk Series 2 – Walk 4 Fivhead

Small villages, country lanes and two fine churches
Easy walking in rural Somerset
Distance 9.9 Km/ 6.1 miles
Total ascent/descent 52 m

1 From the bus stop (GR352233) walk west (towards Taunton) for 50m (55yds) and turn L down Ganges Hill. After 500m (550yds) ignore Silver Street on the R and continue round bends to reach the pub and St Martin’s church (1). Beyond the church, go straight ahead for 600m (660yds) passing the cemetery on the L to reach a T-junction.

2 (GR352221) Go straight ahead through a waymarked kissing gate and keep the hedge on the R. Where hedge goes R, continue ahead 200m (220yds) through waymarked gate, then bear 45o R to another kissing gate. Continue ahead now with stream on L for 150m(165yds) to reach a bridge, cross and go ahead through a Bristol gate and along the track, which joins a road to reach Isle Abbotts church (2).

3 (GR352210)Turn R to pass Monks Thatch and after 200m(220yds) where the road bends L, turn R and after 100m(110yds) at T-junction, go L and follow road as it bears L then R. After a further 300m(330yds) reach a T-junction.

4 (GR346207) Continue ahead through a metal gate SP Park Farm. After 200m (220yds) of enclosed track turn R over bridge across stream then turn L to walk alongside stream. After 100m(110yds) where it turns L aim for far R corner of field, through metal gate and immediately turn L through a wooded area. Just before another metal gate, cross the stream by bridge and turn R along edge of field. Keeping hedge on R for 600m(⅓mile) pass through two metal gates to reach a large barn at Park Farm and continue along track to reach Curry Mallet church (3).

5 (GR334209) Continue along road 300m(330yds) to junction by post box, bear R and just beyond Manor Farm go L (SP Public Footpath) to pass Curry Mallet school and along pleasant path alongside stream to reach a road. Turn R and soon reach Curry Mallet with its fine Manor House (4) and reach the village stores.

6 (GR328219) Turn R (SP Fivehead) and continue along this lane ignoring any side roads for 2Km(1¼ miles) to where road bears R by “Homeacre”

7 (GR347225) Bear L into a track. (If path is muddy, continue on road for 600m(⅓mile) to junction and go L to reach church and then R through churchyard). After 270m (300yds) go R through waymarked gate along L edge of field to reach a double gate and bridge. Bear slightly R towards electricity pole in far R corner of field to reach another double gate and bridge after which turn L to go along edge of field. Continue to follow the hedge as it bears L round a cottage and after a few metres, turn R along track beside a small stream. Cross a stile ahead and at the end of the field continue ahead along next field with the hedge and gardens on L. Go through a Bristol gate and then aim 45o R towards electricity pole with transformer and continue to Bristol gate to emerge by the church. Continue through the churchyard and exit by the War Memorial. Turn L by the Baptist church and follow Butchers Hill to the main road. To L is the bus-stop for Taunton and for Somerton & Yeovil cross the road

Distance 4.4Km/2.8miles
At point 2, turn R along the road for 100m(110yds) to sharp L turn. Go R then L along (maybe wet) track for 600m(⅓mile) to reach road. Go R for 150m(170yds) to T-junction. Go R for 350m(380yds) to reach point 7

1 St Martin’s church, Fivehead dates from 13th century with a 1505 tower

2 St Mary’s church, Isle Abbotts has a fine Perpendicular tower..

3 All Saints Church, Curry Mallet is part 13th century and has a couple of fine monuments.

4 The Manor House, Curry Mallet is 15th century on the site of Mallet’s Castle of the 11th century.

For car travellers, take Butcher’s Hill (the easternmost of the two Fivehead turnings) and park in the large lay-by on the L 400m(¼ mile) down the road. Go back up the hill to the bus-stop and follow the route.
Refreshments: Crown Inn, Fivehead Stable Cafe, Fivehead
The Bell, Curry Mallet

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