From the (54) Bus Stop Walk Series 2 – Walk 7 Langport

River Parrett, a ruined abbey and the “Hanging Chapel”
Pleasant paths and lanes with Bristol gates but few stiles
Distance 9.5 Km/ 5.9 milesTotal ascent/descent 25m

1 From the bus-stop, (GR419268) walk through the car-park opposite the Town Hall passing a parade of shops. At the end of the shops, bear 45o R to a metal railing and follow round to reach a gravel track to the river bank. Turn L and follow path 650m (750yds) to reach a car park.

2 (GR425263) Go R across Huish Bridge over the R Parrett. Ignore the first footpath on the L but take the second at a Bristol gate with the Parrett Trail (1) waymark. After 40m (45yds) just beyond the end of the barbed wire fence, go diagonally R on a faint path passing beneath power lines aiming for the far corner to reach a Bristol gate. Go L and follow track through wooded area to reach Bristol gate into an open field. Go ahead with hedge on R to another Bristol gate and cross the rhyne to another Bristol gate.

3 (GR418257) Here go across the line of the disused railway and cross stile bearing slightly L to locate a metal gate and stile to the L of two big metal pipes. Continue in the same direction 500m(550yds) to the far corner. Cross a double stile and continue in same direction to gap at the R of the hedge ahead. 50m (55yds) ahead go through a gate on the R and cross field aiming for L of the hedge ahead. Go through Bristol gate into enclosed path which bears L to reach a road.

4 (GR410248)  Go ahead along road for 1.7 Km (just over 1 mile) to reach Westover bridge. Go ahead for 300m (330yds) past the Muchelney sign and take the footpath on R by the Muchelney Abbey (2) signboard. Pass the abbey to reach a gate and continue with railings on the R, to a Bristol gate, then another gate, then in the same direction to the stile directly across field to reach a road.

5 (GR430246) Turn L and follow the road past the other side of the abbey to reach a grass triangle overlooked by the church and the Priest’s House (3). Continue L (SP Drayton) and follow the road to reach Westover bridge.

6 (GR425248) Cross the bridge and turn R (Parrett Trail sign) walking along the raised bank with the river Parrett on the R. Follow for 1.6 Km (1 mile) crossing several Bristol gates, to reach a crossing track. Here turn R to reach Huish bridge. At the small car parking area, go straight ahead along a narrow lane for 270m (300yds) almost to road junction.

7 (GR426264) Just before junction go L through gate (SP Langport) and continue along field with hedge on R for 300m (330yds) to Bristol gate. After 30m (33yds) go R through waymarked kissing gate and ascend steep track to road. Turn L and follow the pavement to the R of the Hanging Chapel (4), go R into the churchyard to admire the view and continue past All Saints church (5) on the R and down The Hill with some delightful houses to another junction. Go ahead past the Langport Arms to reach the bus-stop. 


Distance 2.2 Km/ 1.4 miles

Follow paragraph 1 to reach the car-parking area at Huish Bridge and go L (but go R first to admire the river view) along the narrow lane for 270m (300yds) to reach point 7.

  1. The Trail follows the route of the river from Chedington (Dorset) to its mouth near Bridgwater – 80 Km.

2. Muchelney Abbey was built mostly in the 12th century and is Somerset’s second largest  after Glastonbury. Religious buildings were here before 700, but Benedictines established here in the 10th century. 

3. The Priest’s Housewas built by Muchelney Abbey in 1308 for the parish priest and incorporates a Gothic doorway, tracery windows and a 15th-century fireplace.

4. The Hanging Chapel is a 13th century archway, bearing a Perpendicular chapel. It is thought to have been built on a Saxon bank and is Grade I listed. It has had many uses including Town Hall, Grammar school and Masonic Lodge.

5. All Saints, Langport has a bold west tower and the largest collection of medieval stained glass in Somerset.

Refreshments: Langport Arms Hotel Various cafes/tearooms in Langport

For car travellers, there is a large car park to the right beyond the parade of shops described in paragraph 1.

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