From the (77) Bus Stop Walks – Walk 12 Yeovil

The Barwick Park follies and Ninesprings Country Park
Pleasant rural walking along paths with gates and stiles
Distance 11.7 Km/ 7.2 miles
Total ascent/descent 133m

1 From the bus-stop (GR560161), leave the bus station past the pub and ahead past the end of Middle Street, then continue ahead past restaurants and cross into Yeo Leisure Park (1). Beyond the last building, go R for 100m(110yds) then L over wooden bridge. At gate bear 45o L along path climbing to a kissing gate. Go through and R alongside fence climbing steeply with good view of Yeovil (2). Go through kissing gate then bear L to kissing gate next to wooden gate. Go ahead then bear slightly L to gate to L of trees then gate to track and go L, descending.

2 (GR565150) After 400m(¼mile) beyond houses, go R up steps, through kissing gate and aim slightly L to gate in far corner to reach road. Cross into track (SP Rexe’s Hollow) for 600m (⅓mile) to Jack the Treacle Eater (3) with view to Barwick House (4). Continue 200m(220yds) to Treacle Farm then R to reach stone gateway.

3 (GR562140) Just beyond, note the view on R to The Rose Tower (3). Follow the road 250m(275yds) to junction in village and go L, then bear L to school. Go ahead ascending and at top, bear R into Fairhouse Road. At end of the houses opposite telecom mast, note The Needle (3) over to the R. Go ahead 150m(165yds) to the A37. Cross to narrow path to R of metal gate cross stile and go ahead past oak tree to stile in corner. Cross, bear R 150m(165yds) with hedge on R to stile at road. Go L 150m(165yds) and where road bears L go R through gate

4 (GR557126) Aim L of first wooden pole to stile in far hedge with sleeper bridge. Go ahead parallel to hedge through two metal gates, then to metal gate to L of tree ahead. Bear L to take path 100m(110yds) with wire fence on R. Cross stile and go across large field to cross stile on L just before far corner. Go R on path 100m(110yds) to track (SP Coker Moor) and after 400m(¼mile) opposite wooden bridge take second path on R 180m(200yds) to track junction. Go through metal gate and bear slightly R aiming for Bristol gate in far R corner, Go through gate and continue with hedge on R to gate. Cross and go ahead now with hedge on L to reach road by Redlands. After 150m(165yds) go sharp L and at junction go R for 70m(75yds).

5 (GR545137) Go R into enclosed path (SP Dunnocks Lane) for 300m(330yds) to gate (SP Barwick) and join the Monarch’s Way with hedge on R for 250m(275yds). At road, go ahead past T-junction and 150m(175yds) beyond go L along track (SP Bridleway) 800m(½ mile) to road. Go R and after 70m(75yds) R again into Little Tarrat Lane to the A37. Cross with care into Two Tower Lane and through the first gate on the L. Keep the hedge on R for 1 Km(⅔ mile) to reach crossing hedge and go L (but go R through gate and L along road to view the Fish Tower (3)

6 (GR560148) Keep hedge on R and where it ends bear slightly L to descend steeply to reach stream. Continue with stream on L past lake and kids playground. Go ahead on track, past commercial buildings then in front of residences to reach road into Yeo Leisure Park (1). At road, go L to traffic lights then R and follow road round past the pub to the bus station.

Distance 5.1 Km/ 3.2 miles
At end of point 2, go R along drive (SP Two Tower Lane). Take R fork before Barwick House and after100m(110yds) go through kissing gate on R aiming for big tree in middle of field. Go through kissing gate and follow path to road and cross. This is point 6.

1 Yeo Leisure Park is built on the site of Yeovil Town station which was on the GWR line to Taunton, with links to Pen Mill and Yeovil Juncion stations. It was closed in 1966

2 Yeovil was first mentioned in the 9th century and granted a charter in 1205. It became the centre of the glove-making industry in the 19th century. In 20th century it has become a centre of aircraft and defence industries.

3 The four follies in Barwick Park said to have been built to give labourers work during the 1820s depression. But paintings of Barwick House in the 1780s include two of the follies. They were possibly commissioned to mark the park boundaries:- Jack the Treacle Eater (a stone arch topped by a round tower) to the east, the Fish Tower in the north, Messiter’s Cone (the Rose Tower) in the west and the Needle to the south. All are listed Grade II

4 Barwick House (listed Grade II) was built around 1770 and remodelled for glove maker George Messiter in 1830.

For car travellers park (free on Sunday) in Stars Lane or Yeo Leisure Park.
Bars, cafés and restaurants in Yeovil

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