From the (77) Bus Stop Walks

I wrote this series of walks about five years ago and they have recently been revised and checked.
The idea is that you catch a number 77 bus (Yeovil to Wells) to a certain bus stop and then do the circular walk (each is about 10km or 6 miles), then catch the bus home. However, full details of where a car could be parked are included, as well as notes on points of interest.
As more walks are checked, more will appear on this section, so keep looking.

Martyn Smith (March 2021)

Walk 1 Wells
Walk 2 Wells
Walk 3 Coxley
Walk 4 Glastonbury
Walk 6 Street
Walk 7 Marshall’s Elm
Walk 8 Compton Dundon
Walk 9 Somerton
Walk 10 Kingsdon
Walk 11 Yeovil (Combe Street Lane)
Walk 12 Yeovil (Bus Station)

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