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Information taken from the Parish Records and Archives, and provided by Somerton people who remember the Brewery before it became a shopping precinct.

It is recorded in the Tithe Apportionment Act of 1841 that Thomas Templeman owned a house, garden and BREWERY, a total of just over one acre, paying 3 shillings in tithe. The house was on West Street, just west of the Methodist Church, with the Brewery next door and the pasture behind extending to Behind Berry. The properties are No 105 and No 107 on the Tithe Map (click here).

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s recorded elsewhere that The Brewery in West Street was established by a Mr. Kerrison before 1840, and that it later became Ord, Battiscombe and Elwes – Somerton Brewery. Mr Ord died in September 1889.  He had been very concerned about sanitation in the town and in 1870 gave way-leave for the first main sewer through the town to pass through the northern end of the brewery site, and from there it went along New Street and down Old Hill to the Sewage Works at the bottom of Horse Mill Lane, to a building which was later used for the Gas Works.

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