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Somerton Brewery Continued …

In 1891, when a Census was taken, the following people were recorded as working for the Brewery. They were all born in Somerton unless another place is recorded:

Battiscombe, Christopher, 23, Brewer, born in London
Elwes, Philip, 28, Brewer, born in Lincolnshire; his wife was a Pretor-Pinney and they lived in Monteclefe House in Kirkham Street.
Beel, Charles, 41, Traveller.
Buckland, James, 27, Labourer
Burt, Andrew, 28, Drayman, from Thurlbear
Davies, William, 30, Carter.
Donovan, 52, Labourer, from Ireland.
Dymock, Mark, 45, Labourer, from Compton Martin
Fudge, John & Henry, aged 27 and 30, Labourers, from Ireland
Garrett, Isaac, 47, Labourer.
Howe, Edmund, 40, Clerk.
Liscombe, 42, Labourer.
Parker, Robert, 30, Labourer, from Barton St David
Pattimore, John, 51, Labourer, from Merriot
Pike, William, 35, Carter.
Scott, Frank, 26, Carter, from Compton
Sparrow, Cecil B, 31, Brewer, from Staffordshire
Webber, Charles D, 39, Traveller, from Exmouth.

The Brewery employees listed in 1901 were as follows:

Elwes, Philip, 38, Monteclefe House, Brewer, He seems to have been the only director at this date.
Beal, Charles, 51, West Street, Manager
Buckland, James, 38, Sutton Road, Labourer
Burt, Andrew, 40, West Street, Drayman, from Thurlbear
Cranfield, Thomas, 34, West Street, Brewer, from Ilminster
Cross, Thomas, 20, West Street, Traveller, from Taunton
Culliford, Thomas, 29, West End, Drayman.
Garrett, Isaac, 58, Langport Road, Labourer.
Lee, John, 33, West Street, Clerk.
Parker, Robert, 40, West Street, Cask washer, from Barton St David
Pattimore, John, 62, Langport Road, Labourer, from Merriot
Pike, William, 45, Langport Road, Labourer.
Pinkard, Frederick, 45, Sutton Road, Engine driver.
Roberts, Reginald, 19, West Street, Apprentice, from Ivinghoe, Bucks
Rowley, William, 44, Water Lane, Cellarman from Battersea, London
Webber, Charles D, 49, North Street, Traveller, from Exmouth.
Weech, Charles, 31, Hill Head, Cask washer
West, Tom, 24, West Street, Brewer, from Salisbury
Willcox, Thomas, 79, Behind Berry, Labourer, from Barton St David.

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