Kirkham Street

If you follow the road around to the left beyond Old Bell House, you come to Kirkham Street. There is a lane immediately on the right, School Lane, which leads down to Monteclefe Junior School which in 2012 became King Ina Academy and in 2021 moved to Northfield

The school has existed since 1851, first as a mixed school, then after a couple of years turning into a girls’ school. This was the case up until 1965, when the school combined with the Boys Grammar School to become a mixed school.

King Ina Academy formerly Monteclefe Junior School

The school began as a single 60′ by 20′ room, which was partitioned in 1871. Since then the school has grown in size, with new rooms being added over the years and the amount of pupils steadily growing.

If you walk back up School Lane and turn right, you will pass Monteclefe House and Kirkham House. Then turn right on to Parsonage Hill.

                                   Monteclefe House

                                          Kirkham House

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